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Solagran Limited

The Company

Solagran Ltd is an Australian biotechnology company founded in 1995 and listed in Australian (ASX) and German (FWB) Stock Exchanges in 2003. Solagran’s mission is to significantly and tangibly improve health outcomes for the global population through harnessing the enormous therapeutic potential of the live elements of evolved tree species.

This is a mission that has its roots firmly bedded in Russia dating back to the late 1930’s. The research program founded by Prof Solodky at the St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy (SPFTA) continues uninterrupted to this day due to the strong ties forged with Solagran.

Since listing in 2003, Solagran has completed 29 pre-clinical and clinical trials. With patents now in place, Solagran is focused on submitting research for publication in international journals.

The Unique Extracts

The natural source active ingredients that are outcome of 80 years of scientific research in Russia and in more recent years Australia, are known as Bioeffectives®

Bioeffectives® are biologically active galenical substances obtained using specialised, technology that allows their extraction as balanced, synergistic complexes possessing high nutrient and therapeutic properties. They are natural, highly effective, have minimal side effects and are obtained using a unique technology that is protected by a global technology patent.

Solagran’s Bioeffectives® can be used as highly effective active ingredients ready for utilisation into Ethical Pharmaceuticals, OTC Pharmaceuticals, Dietary Supplements, Personal Care products, Cosmeceuticals as well as Animal Health and Agricultural products.

Finished Products

Finished medical products have been registered in:

·         Russia (Ropren - liver diseases)

·         Australia (Bioeffective A antioxidant capsules, Bioeffective Gel - burns/wound healing gel, Siberian Red- Sports drink)

·         Malaysia (Bioeffective A 160- general health)

Other finished product activity:

·         Regulatory work is also well advanced in the USA for use as dietary supplements.

·         A complete range of 26 Swiss made cosmetic products is also fully developed awaiting a commercial partner.

For trade enquiries please contact us at or write to us at Level1, 480 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, 3004, telephone 61-3-9820 2699 or Fax 61-3-9820 3155


Consider the following facts:

Russia represents a growing market for Australian agricultural products, including meat (beef, lamb, mutton, and kangaroo), livestock, dairy products and skins and hides.
Russian agribusiness has expressed interest in Australia’s advanced technologies for tracing livestock and improving herd output. Wine consumption in Russia is growing strongly, with Australian exports in 2006 up 40 percent on the year prior.
Opportunities in education services as over 20,000 Russian students study abroad every year.
Russia Fact File: Total Australian merchandise exports to Russia in 2009 were valued at $ 585 million (including meat, electrical circuits equipment, raw hides and skins, and live animals), imports $ 358 million (crude petroleum, fertilisers, electrical machinery, tools).



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