OZTEC Australian Experts

OZTEC Australian Experts is a team of highly skilled professionals. We are located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

We offer the following services:
- Visas and migration to Australia
- Education in Australia
- Settlement assistance and purchase of property
- Certified translations from Russian into English and from English into Russian

Visas and Migration

According to Australian migration law, only registered migration agents can provide migration services.

Some prospective visa applicants believe it is relatively easy to get a visa. However, as many of the visa applicants would attest, it can become a very complex matter, that is time-consuming and more importantly, requires understanding of Australia’s migration laws and knowledge of requirements that apply to a particular visa subclass. Many visa applications are refused due to the applicant being unfamiliar with all the complexities of the visa system, visa application process and application processing procedures that migration officers follow and, therefore, fail to provide the relevant documentation demonstrating that the applicant meets the criteria for the grant of the visa.

Our immigration consultant is a registered migration agent (MARN 0850624) and we assist our clients by advising on immigration options and pathways, preparing visa applications and representing our clients in dealings with Department of Immigration and, should the need arise, in relevant Tribunals.

We also offer free pre-visa assessment to determine your eligibility for an Australian visa.

Education in Australia

Australia offers unique opportunities for obtaining world-class education. Studying in Australia allows students to reach their potential, gain knowledge and skills that will assist in their professional and personal development.

Our education consultant is listed in the Qualified Education Agent Counsellors Database (QEAC 040) and provides comprehensive advice on Australia’s education system, courses available to international students and entry requirements.

In certain circumstances international students can apply for permanent residency in Australia.

Settlement assistance

We offer our clients assistance with settlement in Australia. We can help find accommodation (to rent or buy), register for Medicare, obtain Tax File Number, prepare resume/cover letter etc.


We have NAATI accreditation (No 59787) and offer professional, high quality translations from Russian into English and from English into Russian.

We’ll be happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

OZTEC Australian Experts

Australia... Unique Opportunities

Nina Zheltova

Migration agent (MARN 0850624)
Education consultant, Accredited translator
PO Box 1119 Elsternwick VIC 3185 Australia
P: +61 402 032 423
F: +61 3 9525 7495
E: info@oztec.net.au
W: www.oztec.net.au, www.au-visa.ru


Consider the following facts:

Russia represents a growing market for Australian agricultural products, including meat (beef, lamb, mutton, and kangaroo), livestock, dairy products and skins and hides.
Russian agribusiness has expressed interest in Australia’s advanced technologies for tracing livestock and improving herd output. Wine consumption in Russia is growing strongly, with Australian exports in 2006 up 40 percent on the year prior.
Opportunities in education services as over 20,000 Russian students study abroad every year.
Russia Fact File: Total Australian merchandise exports to Russia in 2009 were valued at $ 585 million (including meat, electrical circuits equipment, raw hides and skins, and live animals), imports $ 358 million (crude petroleum, fertilisers, electrical machinery, tools).



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