10 years of work as legal representatives in the area of immigration law of Australia has allowed us to get enough experience and authority among our clients, so we can proudly declare ourselves as professionals to whom you can trust.

We deeply understand motives and concerns of our clients since we went along the same migration path ourselves. Therefore we regard our clients with huge respect as people who are close to us by spirit and who decided to change something in their lives. We really have an aspiration to help them!

We grasp an enormous personal responsibility for each individual case that we take on board. With all our hearts we recognize – behind each case there is a fate of a human being and his/her family. That is why; if we undertake the case we would mobilize all our accessible resources, contacts, energy and faith. Therefore, success and luck are always on our and our clients’ side.

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Consider the following facts:

Russia represents a growing market for Australian agricultural products, including meat (beef, lamb, mutton, and kangaroo), livestock, dairy products and skins and hides.
Russian agribusiness has expressed interest in Australia’s advanced technologies for tracing livestock and improving herd output. Wine consumption in Russia is growing strongly, with Australian exports in 2006 up 40 percent on the year prior.
Opportunities in education services as over 20,000 Russian students study abroad every year.
Russia Fact File: Total Australian merchandise exports to Russia in 2009 were valued at $ 585 million (including meat, electrical circuits equipment, raw hides and skins, and live animals), imports $ 358 million (crude petroleum, fertilisers, electrical machinery, tools).



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